Since version 1.2.0 one can add actions and optionally tie them to buttons.


For instance once can use the e_zoom action to zoom on the graph (requires e_datazoom initialised).


Add a button to let the user trigger that action. We add a button with e_button and specify the id of our button in the action (e_zoom) so that the button knows which action to trigger.

You can also create the button elsewhere on the document, as long as the id matches the btn.

Then create the button with id matching our event (graphButton).

Highlight node #4

Note that this means that each button in the document must bear a unique id.

You can also pass multiple buttons and change their positions.


Actions (all can be tied to buttons):

  • e_highlight & e_downplay to highlight or downplay a serie.
  • e_showtip & e_hidetip to show or hide the tooltip.
  • e_zoom to zoom on a part of the graph.
  • e_visual_map_range to select part of e_visual_map.
  • e_pie_select & e_pie_unselect to select or unselect pie slices.
  • e_focus_adjacency & e_unfocus_adjacency to focus or unfocus nodes on a graph.
  • e_legend_scroll, e_legend_toggle_select, e_legend_unselect & e_legend_select to interact with the legend.
  • e_restore to restore the chart.
  • e_map_select, e_map_unselect & e_map_toggle_select to change maps.