ECharts 4: powerful interactive visualisations in R.


The package is available on CRAN:

You can also install the development version of echarts4r with devtools or remotes from Github or Bitbucket.


Some of the features:

  • 33 chart types
  • Animations
  • Brush & sliders
  • WebGL support
  • Plugins included
  • Shiny proxies
  • Themes
echarts4r now understands dplyr::group_by in order to better work with tidy data concept; the package now works much better with *long* datasets. See get started guide or the various examples in the functions' documentation or the gallery
# one serie per group
 iris %>% 
   group_by(Species) %>% 
   e_charts(Sepal.Length) %>% 


Assets for Web GL globes make the package very large, therefore they will be moved to a companion package, echarts4r.assets. This only concerns a handful of functions (like e_stars_texture) and allows making more textures available the package is already available and contains numerous textures.